What we do.



Here at Pacific Blue we offer a wide rage of garment dyes that are perfect for all your garment needs.

Low Impact Reactive Dye:

This method does contain non- toxic chemicals or mordants, require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate in the fabric

Pigment Dye:

Insoluble colorant applied to fabric as a paste or emulsion, heat cured and bound to the fabric with resins or binders. The curing process can be controlled so the color will fade after washing, giving the garment a used worn look.

Distressed Dye:

A method of dying which creates a distressed worn look on the garment.

Other processes include: Direct Dye, Nylon Dye, and Poly Dye



Pacific Blue Inc. Offers a laundry department that is active around the clock. We have machines that can was up to 700 pounds of garments.

Cold Wash

Enzyme Wash

Silicone Wash

Softener Wash

White Wash



Our dye house uses the best equipment and experienced staff to produce quality designs on all types of garments.  We can handle any order large or small.

Discharge Print

Puff Prints

Foil Print

Water Based Print

Ozone Discharge Print

Plastisol Ink Print


Tie dye

We have worked hard to create over 600 original hand-dye techniques that can turn even the most basic garment into an exceptional, trendy product.

Cloud Dye


Crystal Wash

Line Dye

Marble Dye

Bamboo Wash

Rainbow Wash

Alligator Wash

Smoke Wash

Crinkle Wash

+ Many More

Dye Processes:


Green as can be.

As part of our sustainability approach all of our dyes are low impact.

We have always been committed to environmental awareness. 
Sustainable practice is always part of our strategy and way of doing business.
We take pride in being the only dye house that uses solar energy. Most of the electricity for the plant comes from solar panels installed on the roof of the facility.