Tie Dye

The process of dying fabrics in a unique, colorful, uneven patterns

We have worked hard to create new and original tie-dye techniques that can turn even the most basic garment into an exceptional, trendy product. Our tie-dye methods are all prepared through a hand treated process. Our designs vary from spiral, horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns. We are able to place tie-dye on a specific spot on a piece of garment if you're looking for something minimal, yet unique, or vibrant traditional tie-dye colors. all color schemes are created based on the customers needs. It is a handmade traditional process created on premises. That enable us to test different techniques, processes and fabrics to attain the perfect look for each garment.

Here are some of our techniques:
Smoke wash, Rainbow wash, Bamboo wash, Spiral wash, Ombre wash, Zebra wash, Burnt out, and more.

Tie Dye Tie Dye